Exploring the world of colours using the free Adobe Capture app

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Have you ever wondered “what colour is that?”. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out? Then you could replicate it in Photoshop. Or solve the age-old question: is it a blue suit or a grey suit?

Adobe Capture is a free app I installed on my iPhone. It has a range of useful looking features, but these ones grabbed my attention.

You can quickly take a photo and analyse a selection of colours using RGB, HSB, CMYK or LAB. You can take the photo directly in Adobe Capture or import it.

Select the areas you are interested in by moving the circles
Select a method (here HSB) and read off the colour values

Copy the HEX value (FFBC57) and do an internet search. You should come up with sites like colorhexa.com which provide you all the information you could wish for about this colour.

Play around and figure out more uses for this app.